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Contact Info:

Instructor: Mr. Salcedo, 

Perris High School (951) 657-2171 ext. 21228

Adult Education (951) 657-7357 ext. 30116

Professional Overview

My name is Mr. Salcedo, I have 27 years of teaching experience. I have a B.A. in Arts in History and an M.A. in Arts in Social Science. I received my higher education from the California State University of San Bernardino. I hold a CLAD Credential in Social Science. I started my teaching career at Perris Elementary. School District from September 16, 1997, to June 2001.  I started working for Perris Union High School District from June 2001 to June 2022. I worked at Perris Lake High School from September 2001 to June 2005. At Perris Lake, High School I taught subjects such as Social Sciences, ELD I, and ELD II.  I was the ESL Coordinator for Perris Lake High School from 2003 to 2005. I started working at Perris High from September 2005 to June 2022. At Perris High School I have taught U.S. History, Geography, World History, Economics, Government, History of Mexico,  Latin Mexican American Studies, PLUS Leadership Class, and ELD Levels I and II. Freshmen Foundations, Furthermore, I have taught ten years of Adult ESL, and 8-years of Adult Education Plato, and High School Diploma. I have taught from the Elementary level to the Adult level in many different subjects. I graduated from Perris High, Class of 1989. I speak Spanish and English. 



• Training: Every school year Perris High School District offers training which I take full advantage of.  I have been trained in AVID, Technology, Haiku, PLUS Leadership, Google Classroom, CABE workshops Etc.

• I have taught for four years at the elementary level at Perris Elementary School District.  

• I have 10 years teaching Adult ESL and 8 years of experience teaching Adult Education Plato/High School diploma at Perris Union High School. 

• I have been a Master Teacher for various, “Student Teachers” at Perris High School.  I have 27 years of classroom experience. I have taught the following subjects at Perris High School: U.S. History, Geography, World History, History of Mexico, Economics, U.S. Government, PLUS Leadership, ELD levels I, and II, Latin/Mexican-American Studies, and Adult Education.

I have 23 years working with ESL students in Social Sciences, and 4 more at the elementary level. I have 18 years of working with Adult Education in ESL and Plato, and High School Diploma.



School: California State University of San Bernardino 

City: San Bernardino, California

Country: United States of America

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in History (B.A.) in 1995

CLAD Certified in 2001



School: California State University of San Bernardino 

City: San Bernardino, California

Country: United States of America

Degree: Master of Arts in Social Science  (M.A.) in 2001



Fellowships and Awards

Perris High School Employee of the Month in 2009.

Certificate Awards for training: Technology, Culture, and Poverty, Classroom Management, AVID Training, PLUS Leadership, ESL, Special Education, and CABE Training.

MECHA Award 2007.

Adult teaching Award in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

California Legislature Assembly Jose Medina, 61 Assembly District Teacher of the Year 2022.



Current Classes  2022-2023

Latin/Mexican American Studies

World History

U.S. History

Adult Education: Plato, High School Diploma