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Adult Education

The Perris Union High School District offers continuing educational opportunities for adults in Perris. The Perris Community Adult School offers a variety of courses and evening hours.

The following courses are available for adult students:

ABE (adult basic education):

English and Math refresher/skill building classes

GED Prep:

The course prepares students in Language Arts Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Sciences, and Math. These subjects are required to be passed when the “Official GED Test” is taken. Perris Community Adult School is not a “Testing Center”. Students will be given a referral list of adult schools that offer the test.

High School Diploma:

The following courses are offered at to help the adult student complete their high school diploma:


  • Algebra 1-first semester
  • Algebra 1-second semester
  • Algebra 2-first semester
  • Algebra 2-second semester
  • Algebra 1A-first semester
  • Algebra 1A-second semester
  • Algebra 1B-first second
  • Algebra 1B-second semester
  • Geometry A
  • Geometry B
  • Integrated Math 1A
  • Integrated Math 1B
  • Integrated Math 2A
  • Integrated Math 2B


  • Biology A
  • Biology B
  • Chemistry A
  • Chemistry B
  • Physics A
  • Physics B
  • Life Science A
  • Life Science B
  • Earth Science A
  • Earth Science B
  • Physical Science A
  • Physical Science B
  • Health


  • English 9A (English 1A)
  • English 9B (English 1B)
  • English 10A
  • English 10B
  • English 11A
  • English 11B
  • English 12A
  • English 12B

Social Science

  • World Geography
  • World History A
  • World History B
  • US History A
  • US History B
  • US Government
  • Economics

Fine Arts

  • Spanish 1A
  • Spanish 1B
  • Spanish 2A
  • Spanish 2B


  • Psychology
  • Career Essentials
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Community Service