Attendance in all classes/programs is the responsibility of the students. The State of California does not provide for excused absences in Adult Education. Students may be dropped after three (3) absences.


The manner in which students dress for school influences behavior in their learning environment. Students are expected to come to school in a manner which assures adequate modesty. Any attire that causes a disruption or leads to unsatisfactory behavior is inappropriate and is not to be worn to school.


Parking is at your own risk. PCAS assumes no responsibility for damage or theft. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour. Please respect the marked/designated parking spaces (handicapped, staff, etc.).


The Perris Union High School District/Perris Community Adult School prohibits the use of tobacco and tobacco products while on any district property.


Sexual harassment means any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors and other verbal, visual, physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone under any of the conditions.

Sexual harassment by any employee or by any student will not be allowed. Sexual harassment is prohibited by the Perris Union High School District and may result in disciplinary action to the offending employee or student.


The Perris Union High School District recognizes that the District is responsible for ensuring that it complies with State and Federal law and regulations governing educational programs. The District will follow uniform complaint procedures when addressing unlawful discrimination based on ethnic group identification, religion, size, gender, color, or complaints at the site level whenever possible

Upon receipt of a written complaint from an individual public agency, or organization, Uniform Complaint Procedures will be initiated. The Superintendent or designee shall distribute all information about these procedures.

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